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When you visit a chiropractor regularly, you’ll start to feel on top of the world.  Chiropractic care is an important part of your health that can easily be overlooked. Dr. Richard W. Beck Chiropractic Physician helps patients manage pain and live better lives through chiropractic care, such as spinal decompression a and chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, nutritional training and more. Whether you just need regular chiropractic adjustment or a long-term nutrition plan, trust Dr. Beck. Don't just deal with neck pain, back pain and poor health; discover your solution today!

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chiropractic care danbury ct

Visit a chiropractor in Danbury, CT to manage pain and treat herniated discs.

chiropractic therapy danbury ct

Rehabilitate after an injury with exercise and a variety of instrument-assisted therapy methods.

acupuncture danbury ct

Manage pain without the use of addictive or brain-clouding medications.

nutrition plans danbury ct

Learn how your diet affects your overall wellness and take steps toward living a healthier life.

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Medications are powerful substances for people suffering from chronic pain. However, many pain medications are highly addictive and can cause you to feel foggy and unfocused. Dr. Beck helps patients take a more natural approach to their condition. Dr. Richard W. Beck offers patients in Danbury, CT:

Dr. Beck helps patients manage chronic pain, correct joint issues and treat herniated discs. Dr. Beck also offers service for Workmen's Compensation as well as automobile accidents

Our in-house nutritionist helps patients learn how their diets affect their health.

Dr. Beck employs a variety of therapy tools and techniques for his patients.

Our in-house massage therapist helps patients relax.

You'll learn an ancient technique to treat pain and irritation without medication.


Dr. Beck will help you manage your injuries with splints, braces and other supports.

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